Maybe Mae

Enjoy the dark and stormy vibes and cocktails of Adelaide’s Maybe Mae.

Chelsea Sidecar

The Chelsea Sidecar, otherwise know as the White Lady, is a cocktail classic heralding back to Paris at the end of World War I. Served straight up with few ingredients, the combination of orange liquor (Cointreau) and lemon juice its easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Recipe 2 ย  Ouncesย Gin 2 ย  Ounces…

HOW TO: Rim a Glass

Learn one of the most basic mixology techniques: rimming a glass. This adds an excellent twist to any cocktail recipe.

Hains & CO.

Just a few steps off Adelaide’s main nightlife precinct of Hindley is the nautical dive bar, Hains & CO; with a deliciously warming light that gives any passerby, pirate or not, an invitation to enjoy its hidden treasures.

Lavender-Thyme Vodka Lemonade

A fresh twist on the timeless combination of vodka and lemonade, the added elements of lavender and thyme creates a herbaceous depth whilst still allowing for the punch of vodka. It’s easy to make and equally delicious.

HOW TO: Flavoured Simple Syrup

Learn how to make one of the most fundamental ingredients of cocktail recipes with a fun infusion of lavender and thyme.

Malibu Seabreeze

An easy-to-make and equally delicious tropical drink that will teleport you to the warmth of a Malibu beach.

The Mudslide

A decadent mix of vodka, Kailua and Bailey’s that results in a delicious ‘adult milkshake’.

St Paddy’s Day

Celebrate the grand ol’ feast of St Paddy’s with these 3 very different drinks.

3 Lots of Shots

A small collection of delicious and easy dessert-based shots.

Classic Mint Julep

A classic bourbon refresher, associated with the cuisine of the American South used to celebrate Kentucky Derby Day.

Honey Lemon Tequila Margarita

A beautiful tequila margarita that is perfectly complimented by lemon and honey. A warming drink, no excuse is needed to enjoy this concoction.