Hains & CO.

Just a few steps off Adelaide’s main nightlife precinct of Hindley is the nautical dive bar, Hains & CO; with a deliciously warming light that gives any passerby, pirate or not, an invitation to enjoy its hidden treasures.

The themed boutique bar was born by Marcus Motteram who, after establishing a trio of venues in Melbourne realised the potential of Adelaide’s boutique nightlife. Working with a nautical theme the house specialities are the embodiments of the quintessential sailor – rum and gin. Whole pages of the menu are dedicated to their vast selection as well as their range of craft beers on tap, local wines by the glass, whiskeys and cocktails that all perfectly co-exist in this curious little space.


After making the difficult decision on which drink to pick, the Crimson Mainsail was ordered. Characterised as sweet and boozy, it was an exotic mix of Elephant loe Gin, Makers Mark Bourbon, Lemon and Bitters. The results were beautifully aromatic with a warming feel which is certainly welcomed during these mid-autumn nights.

Their mixologists know how to made a drink as evident through their Rum Swizzle, a classic Caribbean cocktail named after the swizzle stick used during its creation. An island paradise combination of rum, orgeat, falernum and lime over crushed ice; it’s a spiced refreshment that is a great complement to Hains & CO’s maritime aesthetic.

It was a night to enjoy, lounging in the plush leather booths, everyone feels the good vibes and cozy intimacy that transcends any cold Adelaide night.

They pour out a cocktail so easy to enjoy that you won’t be able to stop yourself.



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