Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae can be perfectly summarised by their drink of the night: dark and stormy.  Exuding the dramatic opulence of the art deco era this literal hole in the wall is carefully disguised by a wood panelling and if it weren’t for their renowned reputation this spot could easily be missed.

An eclectic mix of industrial and speakeasy vibes, the walls don floor-to-ceiling gold panelled mirrors, with plush green leather booths and a cool metal bar. Luxury is immersed in the dark bar but is also balanced with a relaxed and chill vibe.

The pineapple club, served in a kitschy tiki head, is a deliciously tropical concoction of rum, curaçao, pineapple, lime, coconut and ginger beer. Bringing you into a (somewhat cliche) imagining of yourself on a tropical beach with the Pineapple Club in hand.


Then there is the Imperial March. Smooth, refreshing, sweet with a fruity tone and frothy top. If the Pineapple Club was summer than this is the epitome of autumn vibes. Pisco, pimms, mandarin, lemon, froth and fizz, cleverly mixed to complement Maybe Mae’s opulence.



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