Chelsea Sidecar

The Chelsea Sidecar, otherwise know as the White Lady, is a cocktail classic heralding back to Paris at the end of World War I. Served straight up with few ingredients, the combination of orange liquor (Cointreau) and lemon juice its easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Recipe 2 ย  Ouncesย Gin 2 ย  Ounces…

Honey Lemon Tequila Margarita

A beautiful tequila margarita that is perfectly complimented by lemon and honey. A warming drink, no excuse is needed to enjoy this concoction.

Salty Dog

A simple, easy-to-make cocktail requiring only grapefruit and vodka.

Lemon Lime Moscow Mule

Enjoy the refreshing flavours of a lemon lime Moscow mule this weekend. Don’t forget to garnish with lemon and lime for added citrus flavour.

Vodka Lime Cairpiroska

Here’s a twist on the popular Brazilian Caipirinha, the Caipiroska. A refreshing easy-to-make drink with a vodka base, the perfect drink to end the weekend with.